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Hamilton Innovative is a design and marketing agency located in the Charleston, SC area. Dennis Hamilton, President has 30+ years of experience in business, sales, marketing, graphic design, web technology and education.

Whether you're a new business starting out or an existing business looking to revitalize your marketing to drive sales performance, Internet marketing is the most powerful advertising media at your disposal reaching millions of potential customers. Central to any business today is a purpose driven website branching outbound and inbound through…

Collectively, all forms of marketing and advertising can work under the right circumstances. Deciding where to spend your marketing dollars wisely is critical to your specific niche to locate and reach the right customer mix. Your business is unique! Your products, services and programs differentiate you. Marketing in any form should be tailored to do the same. At Hamilton Innovative, our focus is dedicated to innovative ideas to meet your needs with the right solutions to accomplish them by evaluating the right blend of marketing products.

We're passionate about what we do. How about you…"What is your idea?"

Hamilton Innovative the company has been in business for years and we continually evolve and adapt to new technologies and trends. Our ongoing goal is to expand and refine additional services that provide even greater value to our customers.

We have enjoyed success and great working relationships with our clients and will continue to develop and grow with you.

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