Core Services

Upkeep is essential

Maintenance and Content Management Systems

Visitor's come to your website for information. Content throughout your site should be current, accurate and timely. Products, services, contacts, facts and copy should always reflect the latest and greatest information you can offer in your business or organization.

Hamilton Innovative provides site maintenance services to suit your needs. We are an Adobe Creative Cloud Based software and we're always up to date with the latest suite of products in the industry.

Now, nothing stands in the way of our ideas.

With Creative Cloud, every update is just a click away. In fact, members have gotten hundreds of new features in the past few months alone. Creative Cloud also provides seamless ways to share files, give feedback, and save settings across devices. So we can create anything, from anywhere, with anyone.

Low Maintenance Requirements

If your site is more informational with relatively few change requirements, you can use our services on an as-needed basis. At our normal hourly billing rate, change requests are performed and the time is billed in 15 minute blocks so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Simplify Web Content Publishing with Browser Based CMS

Want more in-house control with frequent updates to your website but not an HTML web guru? We support CMS solutions that allows you to perform your own content updates without HTML or web coding expertise*.

Browser Based Platforms the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) used in millions of websites. .

Additional Content Management Options

CMS products are nearly too numerous to mention. Most hosting providers have their own site builder tools for the do-it-yourselfers. Are there drawbacks to many of these products? Of course there are. It's like being given a truck, tools and modules to build your own house. Sure you can assemble a basic house but on what foundation? What about the masses also using the identical kit for hundreds of sites? It's difficult to differentiate yourself from the pack. How well do you understand branding, design, marketing strategies, search engines, mobility and technology?

These tools can be described by professionals as kludgey. \ˈklüj\ adjective - a software or hardware configuration that, while inelegant, inefficient, clumsy, or patched together, succeeds in solving a specific problem or performing a task. So, if you're not an expert at something, you're always better off hiring professionals.

Among some of the other popular self-help website products for Content Management are WordPress (not just for Blogs anymore), Drupal and Joomla to name a few. While these products are well accepted, even they have caveats and limitations to the untrained eye.  We can assist you with these solutions to make sure you are maximizing their flexibility and capabilities.

*Developer intervention may still required for advanced site features, programming, database and other global site features beyond page content updates.

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